Universal Parental Leave: Kindred’s 18 Month Programme

  • Finding the right talent is critical to success. Fair policies can help attract top talent. Happy, rested employees tend to stick around longer.
  • Equal opportunity leave helps minimise the negative impact on a woman’s career for taking time out for both childbirth and childcare.
  • Integrating returners (primarily mothers) back into the workforce following a period of leave means we’ll keep more senior women in business. More senior women in VC means more female entrepreneurs funded and companies with a female founder and a female exec will hire 6x more women on average.
  • If expectations change to make it “ok” (or ideally, a given) for fathers to take leave, families benefit by sharing parental and financial responsibilities based on their strengths, not pre-defined gender roles.



Kindred is a new early stage venture capital fund based in London that practices equitable venture.

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